Saturday, December 25, 2010


Since our child's first car will be abused we tend to want to spend as little as possible on that first purchase so they can get the hang of driving at a cheaper cost to us. We all know they will not take care of this vehicle, like not checking the fluids, hit things while moving and not moving, crawl all over it , scratch it etc etc. After working on and selling all types of cars, my choice would hands done be a Chevrolet cavalier. Now lets see why I say this. Number one would be Chevy's by far are more dependable in my eyes, they seem not to need as much attention. The small four cylinder motor is very dependable and the transmissions don't have any known issues, so they last a lot longer than normal. Parts on general motors autos are cheaper and available more than any other cars. gas mileage is excellent, I used to get 30-35 mpg with my 98 cavalier. The cavalier is a little more expensive than most small cars and a little harder to locate, but I think its worth it to look until you find the right one. Now there are others I like and everyone would agree hondas and toyotas are top used cars, but they are also more expensive. So that's where I think the cavalier is the number one choice, If you want my opinion on any type of cars just comment on this and I ll be glad to tell you what I know about them. happy motoring

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I've seen a few accidents this past week, not me thank god. The questions about what to do when in an accident are many. So I happen across the Michigan auto accident attorney site that i thought really said it like it was and informed a person about the things that go on when dealing with accidents or even personal injury cases. I spent a lot of time on the site started to think like a lawyer guess Imissed my calling since I'm 44 now. When it comes to personal injury, even though I'm in Minnesota this site about Michigan personal injury attorneys actually made sense, when in an accident it is important to pick the right lawyer, I learned that first hand when I was in a boat accident I picked a lawyer I knew and he didn't do anything for me. I ended up only getting a small amount when i should have received a years salary. I recommend being prepared when the unexpected comes up, do your home be educated before you need something because when it happens we seem to get all excited and forget what to say and do. So go check out this site about
Michigan personal injury lawyers and learn the ins and outs of that thing we all tread ACCIDENTS! happy motoring

Thursday, December 16, 2010


They use Tire Chains in the mountains for traction in the snow. Do we need them here in Minnesota, that's a good question. I remember when those chains where hard to put on and took a long time. Check out The Tire Chain Dealer, they have chains that are easy to install, The most popular product is the Grip which installs in less than 2 minutes per tire and cost less than $100. With the winters getting worse we are going to need these to get around. We just had almost 2 feet of snow and I had a hard time getting around with my four wheel drive, so I can imagine everyone with 2 wheel drive really had a hard time, so if your in need of traction check out this site and you can get tire chains you need for a good price. happy motoring


I have searched recently for insurance, Wow what a difference in pricing, I must of received 20 different quotes, the 6 month quotes ranged from $125-1000 that's a big stretch.So I did find a place that was however average across the board, Auto Insurance Select was the most accurate and seemed right, they have Progressive, Allstate and Allied , plus a few others they run you with for the best quote! I personally ended up with Allied for all my insurance, they seemed to be the best for me and my property. Now when your looking for insurance remember full coverage isn't much more expensive, just because you don't have a loan on your vehicle doesn't mean you don't need the full coverage, think of this, some one hits you ,they don't have insurance, are they fixing your car. No, they are not. So full coverage on your auto is smart, unless of course its worth so little it makes no sense . Allstate has that disappearing deductible I like that idea, but allied beat them on my total cost. Also you can get roadside assistance and glass.I didn't have glass for dollars a month in cost and i had to pay for my new windshield when it broke, so maybe check into that too. Plus its good to re-look at your insurance once a year to make sure you getting the best rate.Happy Motoring my friends

Friday, December 10, 2010


Being self employed wont affect your credit, it will however affect you proving your income, which all banks require,even with good credit. So remember when an auto purchase is coming up to prepare yourself early. If you get paid cash, deposit your money in the bank, you can take it right back out if you wish. You need to show 3-6 months deposits, and they should be uniform to what you are stating for income! And make sure its your personal account, not a business account. Even if you don't have a job but take in money (for who knows what) if you deposit this money, you can call it provable income!You ll see below its actually easier to prove self employed income with bad credit, the difference will be the interest one pays! happy motoring
Recap proof of income needed for auto loan
poor credit- 2-3 months personal banks statements showing deposits
middle of the road credit-  6 months personal bank statements with 2 years taxes
good credit- same as above, except if your score is above 725 you may not need anything

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well after reading many statistics on CARS , which was cash for clunkers, this is what i found. 690,000 automobiles were sold in the program, at $3500-$4500 allowance on each. With 3 billion being the total amount of taxpayers money spent, did research to see if this stimulated the economy, here's what they found. 125,000 out of the 690,000 was what said was what extra sales came out of this program, they figured this because we would have purchased anyways, so $24,000 per car is what you and I  gave to help the economy, WOW. Plus all those clunkers where taken out of the market of our used car supply out there, in returned, raised all used car prices drastically, ouch. One more part is the used parts supply was weakened by this too. All those engines where destroyed, not taken apart and sold as used auto parts. Yes it raised sales for that month, put the next month was slower than normal due to the shortage of inventory. So you and I both know this was not a great moment in American history!! Happy Motoring

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So do you or don't you ? Lets examine why we built two lanes or more on our roads. If we only had one lane, we would line up and take longer to get to where we were heading, so i think our great grandpas decided to throw in an extra lane, so they could pass the person ahead of them that was moving a little slower than everyone else, ok that works for me. Now lets see what happens then when that slower driver hangs out in that lane they made for your fast grandpa. We now have a problem, I think your with my thinking here right .      Heres a Quote from :

What is a passing lane?

Passing lanes are for passing. There is no secret or trick to driving, the driver just needs to be paying attention. Motor vehicle operators should use a passing lane when the attempted maneuver is perceived as safe and prudent and can be completed without the use of excessive speed. The maneuver must also be completed within a reasonable amount of time, and the driver must have adequate visibility of all roadways and vehicles he or she may affect or be affected by

Monday, December 6, 2010


The answer is yes!! either open or closed, there are banks who will do this, if it is an open chapter 7, you can get a loan after the 1st meeting of creditors, if its an open chapter 13, all you need is a letter from your trustee( you must be current on your monthly payments).If its closed your good to go, just remember any derogatory credit after a bankruptcy will hurt you!! So if your looking you can click on apply here to the right. Thanks Chris

Sunday, December 5, 2010


It is important to keep your auto in top running condition, when we don't watch our cars major things start as small problems, I check my truck out monthly, and I cant remember the last time I had to be towed home. It starts with the basic oil change, you must do this every 3000 miles or 3 months (which ever comes first) There are 2 reasons for this, first because oil breaks down, so to keep our motors happy , we change it. Second, this is when we should do an inspection of our vehicles to catch little problems arising, Remember these are big pieces of metal, they do break, I always tell people they always run good before they break. So , going to a shop to get your oil changed in these intervals will save you cash in the end. Find your self someone you like and trust, go see em every three months for the $50 bucks, it might cost an extra $100 for some extra stuff done but that's a small price to pay compared to a $1000 repair when you don't catch a problem. Happy Motoring

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You got to see this, little expensive, jay leno can afford it though


I ve had some friends and family call me needing tires at a low cost, due to this economy, click on this FRED JR, He has take offs usually at a good price, i personally bought 4 installed and balanced , normally $480 new, i paid $200 with good thread.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Check out Edmunds site to see what your payment would be


new pontiacs are considered used now

if your thinking of buying a new pontiac its used, banks do not borrow full value on these

your auto loans

I see alot of credit everyday, one thing i try to tell my customers about making your payments , try not to pay late, as in past 30 days , that does go on your credit , so make sure you get it in on the 29th day if you are going to be late, so as not to affect your credit, that 23.25% hurts if thats all a bank will do after a lot of late pays

Friday, December 3, 2010

lets get it started

well ive been thinking about doing this for awhile lets see how it goes, any questions about anything from buying selling fixing , lets here it