Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So do you or don't you ? Lets examine why we built two lanes or more on our roads. If we only had one lane, we would line up and take longer to get to where we were heading, so i think our great grandpas decided to throw in an extra lane, so they could pass the person ahead of them that was moving a little slower than everyone else, ok that works for me. Now lets see what happens then when that slower driver hangs out in that lane they made for your fast grandpa. We now have a problem, I think your with my thinking here right .      Heres a Quote from safemotorists.com :

What is a passing lane?

Passing lanes are for passing. There is no secret or trick to driving, the driver just needs to be paying attention. Motor vehicle operators should use a passing lane when the attempted maneuver is perceived as safe and prudent and can be completed without the use of excessive speed. The maneuver must also be completed within a reasonable amount of time, and the driver must have adequate visibility of all roadways and vehicles he or she may affect or be affected by

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