Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well after reading many statistics on CARS , which was cash for clunkers, this is what i found. 690,000 automobiles were sold in the program, at $3500-$4500 allowance on each. With 3 billion being the total amount of taxpayers money spent, did research to see if this stimulated the economy, here's what they found. 125,000 out of the 690,000 was what said was what extra sales came out of this program, they figured this because we would have purchased anyways, so $24,000 per car is what you and I  gave to help the economy, WOW. Plus all those clunkers where taken out of the market of our used car supply out there, in returned, raised all used car prices drastically, ouch. One more part is the used parts supply was weakened by this too. All those engines where destroyed, not taken apart and sold as used auto parts. Yes it raised sales for that month, put the next month was slower than normal due to the shortage of inventory. So you and I both know this was not a great moment in American history!! Happy Motoring

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